For those of you who have seen the brightly colored labels mixed with a wide range of miniscule text including quotes from everyone to Jesus, Mao to Einstein as well as the philosophies of the late Emanuel Bronner, the founder of “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap”, then you may know this soap truly is magical! I am one among many who have raved over the number 1 top-selling organic soap brand in North America, “Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap”. This brand literally is a genie in a bottle and while most genies only grant 3 wishes Dr Bronner’s grants at least 18, yes 18! This multi-purpose organic soap not only cleanses the skin and aids as a great body massage agent but can be used to clean everything from your teeth, hair, kitchen, bathroom, clothes to even your pets, fruits and veggies!

In most cases when you hear of a multi-purpose product that can clean your skin as well as your kitchen you should be frighteningly alarmed but in this case it is the complete contrary due to the use of organic plant based ingredients, and just so you can understand how authentically organic this product is, you could actually consume this product but it is definitely not recommended as President of Dr. Bronner’s, David Bronner and grandson of Emanuel Bronner, the original founder states:

“There’s nothing more elegant than a properly formulated soap. It’s the most beautiful lather, great skin-feel, great after-feel. You could basically eat our soap,” David says, and pauses. “But I wouldn’t recommend it. You could eat the raw materials. You could brush your teeth with it.”

In a recent article,”The Undiluted Genius of Dr, Bronner’s” by further explains the authenticity of organic ingredients…

  • The difference is natural ingredients versus synthetic ones. Soaps and detergents are roughly equally effective at cleaning stuff, but most detergents are made at least in part from nonrenewable petrochemicals (because it’s cheaper that way) and include a chemical cocktail of foaming agents, preservatives, and fragrances that, by and large, have never been tested and found safe for human consumption.
  • Most mass-produced soaps are made with animal fats such as tallow (beef fat) or lard (pig or mutton fat). Ivory soap, for instance, is made with tallow. Natural soaps are made with nonanimal fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil.
  • It (Dr Bronner’s) doesn’t fit neatly into the way people tend to use liquid soap. It’s less viscous than your typical liquid soap, but in fact it’s far more concentrated. Whereas most pump soaps are about 10 percent soap and 90 percent water (the viscosity comes from thickeners), Dr. Bronner’s is almost 40 percent soap. That’s why if you put the soap in a pump bottle, the mechanism will clog, and inevitably soap will squirt out at an unexpected angle, maybe into your eye. (There’s actually a warning about this on the bottle.

I can attest that viscosity does not mean a damn when it comes to the concentration of this product. I usually purchase the 32 OZ bottle which is pretty large size and with only a few drops, this product lathers and cleans in a way I have not experienced with any other product at such small dosages. Meaning longer lasting product, translating to saving you money in the long run!

Dr Bronner’s  has a plethora of different bar and liquid soaps all mixed with hemp, ranging from Citrus Orange, Tea Tree, Almond, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rose,  Baby Unscented to my personal favorite, Hemp Peppermint  with ingredients of:

Organic Coconut Oil: High in Lauric Acid which protects your hair from unnecessary hair lost.  Contains Vitamin E (high in antioxidants), locks in moisture (not easily evaporated/broken down, coconut oil retains moisture at high capacities making it that much harder for moisture to escape which in return keeps your skin and strands hydrated), penetrates the hair shaft (most oils coat the hair shaft, coconut oil is the only oil that can actually penetrate the hair shaft at 50%), anti-dandruff (coconut oil works much more effectively than any anti-dandruff shampoo on the market. Regular applications of this oil can help you rid of dandruff and dry skin completely).

Organic Palm Oil: Rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin E which is high in antioxidants, protecting us from free radical damage that cause premature aging.  Contains high percentages of carotenoids (15 times more carotenoids than carrots and 30 times more than tomatoes) as well as beta carotene (stemmed from carotenoids, a form of Vitamin A, also an efficient antioxidant)

Organic Olive Oil (with refined glycerin): Has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and remedy dry scalp and skin.

Water: The only substance on earth capable of providing 100% moisture to the cortex of our strands.

Organic Hemp Oil: Along with the beloved Vitamin E, hemp has a high essential fatty acid content and fatty acids mean emollient action which in laymen terms means these fatty acids prevent loss of moisture (water) and has a softening effect on our strands and skin as well.  Your hair is 97% protein, hemp oil is 25% protein, (protein improves the condition of damaged hair or hair that is a little protein deficient)

Organic Jojoba Oil: Initiates the expansion of new hair cells, which stimulates new hair growth and thicker density. Closest to our natural sebum (oils), jojoba balances the sebum production in the scalp by regulating the excretion of sebum in clogged pores.  Assists in balancing out the flow of sebum along your strands, which is beneficial for those with extremely dry or oily hair. Helps dissolves buildup in pores, blocked pores can cause hair loss/thinning and acne.

Organic Peppermint/ Mentha Arvensis: Alleviates headaches, swollen gums, mouth ulcers, toothaches, bad breath, muscular pains, cramps, acne, itching, sunburn and inflammation of the skin due to its vasoconstrictor properties.

Salt: Natural Exfoliator

Citric Acid: An antioxidant. When applied to skin as a mask citric acid can remove dead skin cells and even the tone of our complexion and overall feeling the skin as well.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is high in antioxidants and helps with the growth of capillaries. When more capillaries are present your circulation improves. Improved scalp circulation may prevent hair loss and also speeds the growth of hair in many individuals.

*listing some of the exterior capabilities and minor interior benefits of the ingredients since this product is not used for consumption

We all know what we put into our bodies is a bigger contributor to our outer appearance but what you use topically also plays an important part in the health of our skin! You can purchase the 32 OZ Hemp Peppermint Liquid Soap or other sizes and selections here–>Dr. also if you purchase at least 19.99USD worth of products, automatic free shipping.

To find out more on the eccentric Founder, Emanuel Bronner whose parents were killed in the Holocaust and the very interesting background of grandson & President of  Dr. Bronner’s Magical Soap, David Bronner, checkout this article from, “The Undiluted Genius of Dr Bronner”.