“Always somewhere to go but never nothing to wear, why am I always ignored” If your hair could speak it might say something along these lines but fear not here is a DIY (do it yourself) project that will make you and your hair happy to be dressed. The point of this project is to take something old and change it into something entirely new. So here is a unique interpretation and how to change the common headband.  


A-B) Pictured here stained glass shells and turquoise beads from two old necklaces I took apart hence the reason why they are already pre-holed. Taking old jewelry apart that you never wear and use it for another creation can save you a bit on the dead presidents.

C) Goody StayPut headbands. One of my favorites because of the insane amounts of stretch these babies give.


  • Scissors,
  • Needle,
  • Thread (does not have to be black again this will be your interpretation)
  • Krazy glue.

* These items are pretty much self- explanatory but I have to make a note about the thread. Make sure to use thick thread. A fine spool of thread will not hold and simply snap as you progress further along.


1) Thread the needle and cut the thread the length of 8 inches

2) Single knot the end of the just cut thread

3) Triple knot the thread overlapping the single knot

4) Align the holes of your pieces in this case the shell and turquoise. Place directly on top of the headband and pass the point of the threaded needle through the holes and the headband.

5) Pull the needle all the way through till you reach your triple end knot.

6) Now cut the thread till you have about 4 to 5 inches of thread trailing behind your pieces

7) Snuggly single knot the thread so the pieces lay right up against the headband. Then repeat step 3 and triple knot.

Note: You can skip steps 8-11 if you are using smaller pieces that don’t vertically extend past the headband. Larger pieces need aid of glue so they will not be mobile.

8) Gently push your piece away from the headband (you shouldn’t have much give because of the thread) and place the head of the krazy glue slightly between the headband and piece. If you hardly have any give just place the tip of the krazy glue on top of the headband and behind the piece and squeeze a little glue out. The glue should seep down since it is a liquid form and because of the strength of the glue you only need a little.

9) Then put pressure on the piece for about 40 seconds (or longer if needed), solidifying the piece with the headband then wait 5 mins.

10) Repeat step 8 but this time it will take place between the two pieces

11) Repeat step 9 but instead place pressure directly on top of the piece and behind the headband and squeeze somewhat firmly. Hold for about a minute.

12) Cut the excess thread from the front of the piece

13) You are on your way, just repeat to you have reached a desired look. I would recommend too leave the pieces centered while leaving the remaining headband free, too much glue will immobilize the stretch of the headband.

14) Finished Product. Whew, now you’re done!  :)