We could all use a bit of style inspiration from time to time, and what better way than to utilize social media? Since most of us spend a ridiculous amount of time on Instagram, the least we could do is be productive and learn a few new things from some of the best natural hair gurus. Naturalistas have a strong presence on Instagram, making use of the hashtag #naturalhair, which has totaled more than two million results. Double tapping on my favorite looks leaves me feeling inspired by the natural hair trends and tips I see every day. Of course, there’s no way I’d be able to mention all of the natural women with amazing styling tips repping on social media, but I had to take the time to show love to my top 20 naturalistas every girl should know and follow on Instagram. 


—LaParis Hawkins 


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@heyfranhey: Fran is the product queen, especially those made out of natural ingredients.
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@aevinjude: Holding the Guinness World Record for the largest Afro, the amount of versatility with her beautiful kinky mound is endless.
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@africancreature: This hairstylist is sure to give you an array of options to up the ante on your natural.
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@eclark6: It is safe to say that Ebony is at the top of the twists and twist-outs totem pole.


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@riley_elle: This 3-year-old natural maven is the talk of IG! Ms. Riley is full of personality and amazing styles for little girls.
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@mahoganycurls: We just can’t get enough of Mahoganycurls. Her tresses are simply perfect.
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@urbanbushbabes: These fabulous bloggers really capture the entire culture of natural hair.


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