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Over the past five years, the natural hair revolution has become an incredible movement. We’ve come together as a community, sharing style tips and product advice as well as other interchangeable ideas and perceptions about our natural roots. With more women returning to their born hair texture, many would think that the Black community would embrace this movement with open arms.







But the truth is, not everyone has been a fan of the natural hair “movement” that’s become more of a trendy lifestyle for Black women and hair. It’s now the thing to be natural, and many times, a certain kind of “natural.” (But that of course, is another story, for another day.)


But as I explain, the hot topic of natural hair has been on the tips of the Black community’s tongues, with commentators from hairstylists to everyday people weighing in on their opinions on the natural movement. And not everyone is in favor of this new “trend.” While some feel it’s empowering for Black women to own their natural textures, others don’t see the reason behind the hype.








Earlier this year, celebrity hairstylist and Fashion Queens host Derek J stated that he’s “not a fan of the natural hair movement” and that “natural hair is not for everyone.” Everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion, and we have to respect that. But for me, his last statement struck a nerve. What exactly did he mean when he said, “Natural hair isn’t for everyone?”








Let’s really break down and analyze this statement. First of all, “natural” hair is essentially the hair texture that you were given by God and born with. So to make a statement suggesting that embracing the hair texture that you were born with is not “for you” leaves a lot to be questioned. Just like with other hairstyles and trends, every woman has to find styles and products that work best for her personal appearance, and hair is no different. But natural hair is just that: the hair you grow without any product, treatments, or touchups. And while certain styles may look better on others, it seems out of line to suggest that a Black woman’s decision to ...Read more of what Hawkins has to say here