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Transitioning definitely has its highs and lows but add maintenance in the mix, and the highs seem to disintegrate into thin air.


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The beginning of my journey was a tricky one. I was stuck in a weird stage of trying to figure out how to exactly manage my tresses, while simultaneously trying to pin down what products and techniques worked best for me and my lifestyle.


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My high maintenance hair journey consisted of over usage of hair products and heat to achieve a certain aesthetic that looked healthy. Naive to what moisturized hair actually felt and looked like for my specific texture, I thought my strands and scalp needed to be coated excessively in oils daily. Not only did I experience more shedding than usual from the accumulation of products on my scalp, but…find more on what I discovered during my high maintenance routine at here


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As part of Essence’s newly enhanced and revamped hair channel that launched May 8th, I will have a weekly article on, sharing tips, a bit of hairtherapy and my own personal journey.


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