By: Cipriana Quann

Photos: Joey Rosado


Two different textures, two different states of mind. I would love to tell you that my transition period was one of complete love — a journey I was excited to embark upon. Like a butterfly in the midst of shedding its cocoon… but I was still very much in the caterpillar stage, inching and struggling my way to an unknown state of transformation from hate to love.


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Transitioning was difficult for me because I expected something completely different than the kinky textured strands that sprouted from my head.


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It had been years since I had seen my natural texture, and the day I decided to go natural, I knew I needed to baby step my way through the process, versus doing the big chop. Yet transitioning was still in my face, a startling contrast of my past and present, physically materialized simultaneously.


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Determined to stick to my guns, I refused to turn back, partially because I was tired of…to view the full article of “Learning To Love What You Dislike About Your Hair‏” at click here


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As part of Essence’s newly enhanced and revamped hair channel that launched May 8th, I will have a weekly article on, sharing tips, a bit of hairtherapy and my own personal journey. ‘Learning To Love What You Dislike About Your Hair’ is my first article with Essence.