By: Cipriana Quann

Photos: Joey Rosado


Between trying to learn about demarcation lines and the frustration that can come with dealing with two different textures, throwing in the psychology of transitioning hair can be unwelcomed stress you’re not ready for.


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For many, transitioning is something that happens casually. But, my experience was different. I didn’t wake up one day deciding this was the day I would transition—I just wanted to omit chemicals from my hair regimen and manage my hair’s different textures. I wasn’t ready for the big chop, and I definitely wasn’t prepared to deal with the aesthetics of my natural hair.


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The skewed outlook of what “beautiful” hair should look like did not sit right with me, because it was an image so far from my Mother’s beautiful afro of the 80′s which I envied and adore. So, I began my decade long transformation. When I finally started, I didn’t expect the coils of Tracee Ellis Ross (I wasn’t that “aesthetically naive”) but it had been years since I saw my natural texture.
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When my true hair texture surfaced, I wasn’t prepared for all…Read the complete article ‘On The Moment Hair Became More Than Just Hair’ at –> here


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