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Longer days and shorter nights are one of the many benefits summer brings but combating the off and on humidity when it comes to our hair, coupled with transitioning can feel like an unnecessary burden whether your length is Tomiko Fraser or Esperanza Spalding. Stay with me as I explain the advantages of short and long hair styles.



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Advantages of Short Hair


Less Risk of Mid-Trichorrexis Nodosa:  Mid-trichorrexis WHAT? While split ends are more commonly discussed, mid-trichorrexis nodosa in laymen terms means mid-shaft splits…yes,  where splits can and do commonly occur.  Along every curling point or where the hair bends along the strand is a potential point of breakage. This “potential point of breakage” depicts an area of weakness creating grounds to support and enable breakage within the shaft. Now water is our friend in every aspect regarding our body, but harsh manipulation while strands are wet can easily turn our friend to a frenemy! Once our hair is affected by humidity the strand is weakened due to the weight of the water which elongates the strand placing stress on every single potential point of breakage (especially placing the most stress on the demarcation lone for those transitioning).  Now mix in damp strands with the tension of braiding, twisting or any protective style that causes stretching, can induce your chances of trichorrexis nodosa.



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Advantages of Long Hair


Longer Periods of Protective Styling:  Working with protective styles whether it be your own locks or the beloved extension twists or braids? Want to maintain longer periods of upkeep with less manipulation…well longer strands are the key to less manipulated protective styles.


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The longer the hair the less chance there is for unraveling which can happen with shorter styles. Longer strands are also able to maintain the effects of perspiration and the bulk of extension protective styles like Marley twists better, due to less stress of the rooted area from the lengthier part of the base supporting the added extension. To find more advantages of short and long hair visit here



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