Featured on Essence.com we were excited to say the least in naming a few of our holiday gift suggestions for Essence’s top favorite natural hair bloggers “Ultimate Natural Hair Blogger’s Gift Guide”. In the mist of our natural hair gift ideas we were asked the question most naturals think about during the holiday season, so stay with us to find out the question, answers and a sneak peek of our natural hair holiday gift ideas.  

Essence.com: When it comes to making a style statement, how are you planning to rock your natural hair this holiday season and why are you choosing that look?

Cipriana:I will be rockin one of my crazy signature loose twist updo styles because not only do I want to protect my ends from the winter season this holiday but also from the massive amounts of food I will consume. Christmas decorations may look cute on a tree but decorating my hair with particles of food is one crazy style I would prefer to avoid.”

Nikisha: “This holiday season I will be rocking my hair in a protective style, a pompadour with a bun. I am choosing this look because it’s much sassier than a plain old bun.”


The Ultimate Natural Hair Blogger’s Gift Guide


Jewel Afrika Designs http://jewelafrikadesigns.bigcartel.com 35.00 USD

“With irresistible catch phrases of “I Got That Good Hair. I Got African in my Family” and “All Natural, No Lye” why not add an additional spark to your self-confidence by wearing theses inspiring accessories.  Worn as a pair but can be rocked individually, why not treat yourself and give one to a friend, two gifts for the price of one.”




Curl Like Us Cloths http://www.curlmart.com/ 24.00 USD

“Curls Like Us Curl Cloths are great for absorbing excess water from natural textured hair. They’re also ideal because they reduce frizz and drying time without damaging your strands, and they come in a set of two!”



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*These are just a few of our gift suggestions for any natural for the holidays but visit Essence.com for the “Ultimate Natural Hair Blogger’s Gift Guide”  by clicking here –>Essence to find out our additional “Top Natural Holiday Gift Ideas” and the top choices of many of your other favorite natural hair guru bloggers.  As well as how they will be wearing their hair this holiday season. You definitely want to check out this must see, go to guide for natural hair holiday gifts :)

What is your #1 Natural Hair Holiday Gift Idea and why?