Click Read More/Comment for additional photos. Working in conjunction with American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation , we along with 19 other blog ambassadors were asked to share in an exciting and innovating initiative dubbed Partners in Preservation a program that has had its feet in the trenches since 2006, granting awards in the total of 6.5 million dollars to preserve historic landmarks, buildings and monuments across the country. With San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Seattle, and Saint Paul/Minneapolis as pass grantees we are proud to announce New York as the official 2012 location for the Partners in Preservation program, where a landmark in itself of 3 million dollars in grants will be awarded to our city to preserve the most beloved sites in the metropolitan area.

How You Can Help:
You may be saying well what does this have to do with me? Well…EVERYTHING! The reason why this is so exciting is because the decision is entirely up to you! After a hush, hush list was finally revealed today, 40 sites located in all five boroughs of New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island will compete for the 3 million dollars in grants. Beginning today Partners in Preservation is determining which sites will be distributed grants through a month long public voting process till May 26th where you as the voter can decide on your favorite historic sites. Yes, YOU will decide which sites will receive grants and no this is not just for New Yorkers, anyone in the country over the age of 13 can simply vote here–>Partners in or Facebook Partners in Preservation

Press Conference:
To launch this thrilling initiative we attended the press conference this morning held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in which American Idol contestant and star of hit TV series SMASH, Katharine McPhee, performed an amazing rendition of Frank Sinatra’s unforgettably favorite New York classic or perhaps New York’s anthem “New York, New York” while an interactive 3D hologram displayed the 40 sites competing this years awarded grants.
Also, stay with us this month as each week we will highlight our favorite sites (including exactly where the funds will be going) asking you to join us in the voting process of locking in our favorites. Of course the sole decision of which site you would like to vote for until May 26th is entirely up to you but we definitely are going to sway you within the month with our top 5 picks.

*Attention New Yorkers and those in the surrounding areas. The weekend of May 5th and 6th we have some very exclusive information regarding free events, involving raffled prizes, brunches, drinks, ice cream and festivities for the little ones, as every site, yes, all 40 competing sites will be hosting an open house next weekend. So stay tuned next week and we will share our favorites.

Remember to vote for your favorite site here –> (Partners in or Facebook Partners in Preservation ) and let us know some of your favorites while your at it.