I caught up with Singer/Actress and star of Boardwalk Empire, Margot Bingham on the red carpet of HBO’s Girls season 3 premiere, held at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Set during the prohibition,  Bingham portrays character, ‘Daughter Maitland’, a young jazz/blues singer born to a prostitute in New Orleans. Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome,
‘Daughter Maitland’ is in the abusive care and control of the man who she knows strangled her Mother to death; witnessing the horrific act as a child. 
Not always a natural, Bingham discussed everything from the “awkward” stage, to natural hair in the film industry in this quick Q&A


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CQ: How do you maintain all of your hair while constantly on set?
MB: Ooh YES, well with Boardwalk they usually shellac it down. It has to be done when its wet, girls you know exactly what I am talking about, because when its dry, nothing is touch this. On a regular or like my own thing, I always walk out with a leave-in conditioner, usually shampoo once a week, just kind of blow dry it but the trick is not to over dry girls with curls, because you can ruin them. 


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CQ: As a woman of color in the industry and with natural hair, do you experience any resistance or has it been more of a love and appreciation? 
MB: No I definitely have had more love and appreciation in the past two years, but before that, I had my hair relaxed and texturized every six to seven months, it was horrible, it ruined my hair, and the last guy who did it, put in a lye too long and it broke off all of my hair and I ended up having to cut it all off. 
I went through that weird awkward stage, that looked like a Q-Tip, just walking around
CQ: (laughing) I’ve been there
MB: (laughing) Everyones been there, that weird awkward length when its growing out and now I’m finally really happy with it, so stick with the natural, its not worth all of the chemicals. 


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