“I wished for them to go by in slow motion, so I could somehow record the scenes. There is hidden beauty in the ordinary, and great beauty in the overlooked. Little things are big, less is more. Imperfection is beautiful. Paradoxes such as these fascinate me.”  -Abby Ross (quote via: featureshoot)


Meet Los Angeles based Photographer, Abby Ross. I had a chance to meet Ross a few weeks ago and was instantly blown away by her incredible body of work. In our exclusive Ross took a moment to share her inspirations, favorite photographers and how her love affair with the camera began.


“What inspires me…. 


I’m inspired by everything.  I’m inspired by things my mom use to say growing up.  We would drive into New York City, and she would say, “imagine all the toilets in this city,  isn’t it amazing that all these toilets flush and go to one place”  I use to try and imagine all the toilets, and then think,  yes, pretty damn amazing.  Im inspired by anything concerning humanity, whether it be all the toilets in New York city flushing, or the ongoing war in the democratic republic of congo.  Im inspired by culture and or the lack thereof……If I knew the things that inspired me and they were all tangible I would go run around town, put them all in a basket and sit them on my coffee table for endless ideas.  Lucky enough, I do have a toilet, so thats a start.   


Some of my favorite makers of photos….


Sam Haskins, Saul Leiter, Nicholas Nixon, Sebastian Selgado, Vivian Maier, and to not list all olds….I really dig Alec Soth’s work.


I started to take photography seriously when I moved to San Francisco.  Each block the city would change.  I started by putting a white sheet on the wall with duck tape, I shot portraits of people by neighborhood.  It was fascinating but most of all fun.  I was able to meet so many people I wouldn’t have ever met.  My camera brings me places I wouldn’t have a reason to have otherwise gone.  I’ve always liked that.”  -Abby Ross
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