There is no negating the cuteness level or size of mane on four-year-old Londoner Farouk James. Farouk has a fiery personality that equally matches his abundance of fiery curls. He has a passion for dancing as evident on his instagram page, making others laugh and for traveling which is not a surprise with his mother’s roots in London, England and his father’s roots in Kumasi, Ghana. I interview Farouk with exclusive photos and video captured by photographer Adrenus Craton and filmmaker Jed Darlington-Roberts. Discover more about the adorable boy with big hair and an even bigger personality.
TQ: How old are you?
FJ: Four-years-old.

TQ: Who do you look up to the most?
FJ: Mummy
TQ: What is your favorite song?
FJ: Hallelujah, praising the lord. I sing it at school with my friends
TQ: What strange things do people say about your hair or strange questions?
FJ: How long did it take to grow? I’m just four, what do people think I’ll say? 30 years? (Farouk starts giggling) Is it real? Is it a wig? Can you see? Is it hot? Is it heavy? Do you like it? Do you ever brush it?! Mummy has good answers like: It shades me in the summer and warms me the winter. If I didn’t brush it I’d have locs in a week. The questions are funny but people ask them all the time. The ONE question I wish people ask is CAN I touch it instead of just touching. That upsets me.

TQ: If there was one thing in the world you could change what would it be?
FJ: To make money magic so everyone has it.
TQ: What did you like best about Dubai?
FJ: I liked swimming at the beach hotel (*Jumeirah beach hotel) and all the big skyscrapers that Spiderman can shoot his web on, helping him get the bad guys.
TK: On your trip to Dubai what did people do or say when they saw your hair?
FJ: In Dubai there are a lot of ladies, Mummy told me they are from Asia and Philippines, and they would scream and giggle when they saw me. They run at me with long arms and long nails trying to grab my curls. I used to hold my hand up and shout, “Don’t touch my hair!” because it was a lot of times. Then mummy taught me to say “Thanks for the compliment but please don’t touch my hair.” Some got upset but they don’t think my hair is part of my body. Mummy took to touching their hair back and that worked nicely. The guys wouldn’t touch but they said they want my hair! They would ask mummy about my hair. Mummy would talk with them a long time about my hair. I just wanted to go swimming.
TQ: Where else would you like to visit in the world?
FJ: Ghana where I’m from. Also to America to go on the Ellen show and do cool moves with Ellen. I watch Ellen tube with mummy over and over! I love the kids that go on there and dance or sing!
Farouk from Jed Darlington-Roberts on Vimeo.
*Film by Jed Darlington-Roberts, London HOUSE Studio exclusively for

TQ: What advice would you give other kids who are made fun of about their hair or the way they look? Kids that are mean to other kids because of way they look?
FJ: Be strong like Superman and kind like Jesus. Tell them to read “Bear And The Bees,” my favorite book. (*author: Ella Richardson)
TQ: What job would you like to do when you grow up?
FJ: I’d be a power ranger on television. Or a fire man but only drive the fire engine because mummy would worry if I went into a house on fire.
TQ: What did you enjoy most about LFW?
FJ: Driving around in a car with diamonds all over it. (*A Range Rover customized by Swarovski) Everyone took photos of me driving it.
FaroukTop14_FullSize_edited-14 *Farouk with model Sofia Elhaj
TQ: What is your favorite thing to do?
FJ: Dressing up! I have almost seventy outfits and my nursery school asked me to make a new super hero. So I put on my black suit, tie and wore my superman cloak on my shoulders. I called myself “super business!” I could make big business deals in one second and shoot ink from my pen at bad guys.
TQ: What do you think about people who say you should cut you hair?
FJ: They should keep scissors for paper only!
TQ: What is something that cheers you up when you’re feeling sad?
FJ: A huggy with mummy
TQ: How would you describe your style?
FJ: On Mondays I’m cool. Wednesdays I’m crazy. Saturdays I am a superhero!
TQ: What is your favorite book and why?
FJ: “Incredible Me.” (*author: Kathi Applet) It says you should let your greatness shine!

TQ: If you could choose between superman and Spiderman?
FJ: Spiderman because he can spin webs and is a photographer. I’m a photographer too.
TQ: What does friendship mean to you? What makes a good friend?
FJ: Ironman and Spiderman who always help each other to get the bad guys like Green goblin and Electro.
TQ: What 3 things describe you the best?
FJ: I like to visit countries. Mummy says I have a lot of energy and I like making people laugh. Mummy says I’m hilarious!
TQ: What is your favorite food?
FJ: Cucumber sushi and apple sorbet pudding.
TQ: Do you like sports and if so who is your favorite player and why?
FJ: I like football (*soccer) and David Luiz is my favvvvorite because he’s has an afro. I’m sad because he left my favorite team. (*Team: Chelsea)
TQ: If you could give starving children across the world any type of food what would you give them?
FJ: Cucumber sushi and apple sorbet, my favorite. I would build them a house out of sushi rice bricks.
TQ: What is your favorite thing about your mummy?
FJ: I love mummy’s tummy cause that’s my first home.
TQ: What does happiness mean to you?
FJ: My granddad never having cancer and coming back from heaven.
Stylist: Agi Justyna Sznerch

Hair & MUA: Viktorija Kokina

Model: Sofia Elhaj @Novelmodels Elite