If you’ve had the chance to see her perform, then you certainly know how powerful she is on stage. TK Wonder is a talented singer, rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. People in Macedonia got to know her through her energetic performances with internationally acclaimed Macedonian electronic musician Kiril Dzajkovski. She has opened for artists like Sting, Prodigy, The Hives, The Gossip and many others, and has performed with Kiril Dzajkovski on many electronic festivals in Europe. Her work with Dzajkovski took her to Skopje once again, so we took that opportunity to meet her. Fun and incredibly charismatic, TK Wonder warmly accepted our invitation for interview and told us about her experience in Macedonia, her style, her music and the New York fashion.


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You have performed few times in Macedonia and on several well-known music festivals throughout the Balkans, together with Kiril Dzajkovski. What impressions do you have of Macedonia and how does the audience here accept you?

I’ve been working with Kiril for a while now and I love Macedonia. The first thing I love about Macedonia is the food. I’m a big food person and I love trying different cuisines. Here, I like burek and ajvar. I just love Macedonian food, it’s very delicious. Anywhere I go, the food is the biggest impression for me. The second impression is probably the people. People here have been very warm and welcoming, and I’ve never felt like a stranger. That’s the second great thing about Macedonia. When it comes to touring with Kiril, it’s been amazing. I think that we’d played some great festivals these past three years and we look forward to continue.


You said: “Women find confidence in the clothes they wear”. What are the pieces of clothing that give you confidence?

I don’t think that I have specific items of clothing that I find confidence in. I think that I’m a confident person and what I wear portrays that. I don’t think that clothes give me confidence; I think you have to have confidence first as a person, and clothes can only enhance that confidence. I had very attentive parents who always encouraged me and my sister that we could do and pursue anything that we wanted. We had that instilled at a very young age – being confident with yourself, knowing that there is nothing that you couldn’t achieve.


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You and your twin sister are the new international faces of the Swedish clothing label Other Stories. Can we expect other similar collaborations in future?

We just shot for the Gap holiday campaign, so that should come out this year. That’s another big company and we’re really excited about.



& Other Stories

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We know that you like vintage clothing, especially from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Do you manage to find everything you need in the vintage stores in Brooklyn?


Yes, definitely. I combine vintage pieces with clothes that I shop online, as well as vintage shoes. There is a shoe line called Jeffrey Campbell, which I absolutely adore, and another clothing line online called Nasty Gal. They have amazing pieces. So, I usually combine those two online stores with a bunch of different vintage pieces. And yes, I can find everything I need there. Vintage shopping is huge in New York. You can find really eclectic and unique pieces, as well as high-design fashion pieces at very low prices. that.


The long, curvy hair is your trademark. How do you take care of your hair, what’s the secret?

I’ve been growing my hair for eleven years. Taking care of my hair is very hard when on tour, because it takes a while for me to comb it and wash it, so I try to do the best I can on tour. My secret is – I don’t mess with my hair too much. I don’t play with it, I don’t put my hands in it all the time, I just leave it alone and let it grow.


against wall_long_emilija_manevska rTop: Nasty Gal

Pants: Etsy


What would you advise women to do at least once in their lives?

Don’t be afraid to try something new! That’s what I recommend. Sometimes people have the fear of trying something new or venturing into something new, and I believe that sometimes you just have to let our fears go and take the next step…Read the complete interview on TK Wonder with Macedonian fashion site; “Fashionel” here