Yesterday I watched a documentary entitled “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on Netflix which made a very lasting impression or should I say just added even more punch to the bowl on my sentiments of how important it is to induce a strong diet of veggies and fruit into your system every day.  The Documentary chronicles the strict healing choices of two men, Joe Cross a successful businessman from Australia and Phil Staples a truck driver from Arizona whose immune systems has been destroyed by prescription medication, obesity and illnesses specifically “autoimmune diseases” which is when the immune system attacks different organs of your body (if you are unaware of these diseases or the role of autoimmunity please click here for more information because obesity is not the only telltale sign when something is very wrong with your body)“Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” also documents the details of their path to a successful recovery through a 2 month diet of fruits and vegetables (doctors and conventional medicines were unable to improve health long term) and through this documentation is the reason why it had such a powerful impact. You as the viewer actually see positive and physical metamorphosis as these men are not only transformed physically but mentally as well which changes their entire outlook of their lives in general.


Joe Cross is not only one of the men afflicted by this debilitating disease but also the film’s director and creator who performs double duty assignments as he documents his journey to a healthy recovery but also in documenting his 3,000 mile cross country travels where he engages with more than 500 Americans about food and how nutritional foods can improve your health and longevity of your life.


Now I am not recommending this film because I am a self-proclaimed health fanatic but I do understand and have physically witnessed the changes in my body for the better when I am in-taking more nutritional foods into my diet. Everything in moderation is the golden rule but as you are deciding how much of a moderation you are considering “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is a film that might help you commit or at least begin moderating those addicting snacks, sweets, cholesterol high, fast and processed foods that some us love so much.


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” a film by Joe Cross can be seen instantly on Netflix here