With my cartoons, I draw directly from my personal life. From battling with boyfriends over having my hair in their faces, to being the creepy big spoon and watching them sleep, to the single life struggle of loneliness and horniness, I simply apply my pen to paper to share with others what I thought at first were my experiences alone. I’m just happy that some of my little life facts are relatable to others.” -Yagazie



 “It’s my day off today and this is me doing what I do best.”-Yagazie



“ I will never accept and embrace shrinkage. Never”-Yagazie



“ Randomness popped into my head today so, here.”-Yagazie








“I had a little bit of a rough day the other day…. “-Yagazie



“That moment when you can’t decide.”-Yagazie

(“By May this year, I had already moved 5 times in less than 6 months between different states and homes, carrying with me only what I could… well … carry and always leaving much behind. Taught me to put less value in material things ….. (interrupts deep post) SO how is it that I have LESS options but even LONGER decisions to make when choosing an outfit?!?”) -Yagazie


“While others are wondering what event/bar/club to go to on their Friday/Saturday night, this is me. “-Yagazie



“I’ve gotten SO much better at not overreacting when people delay at replying to my texts.”-Yagazie



“Some life experiences are like good workouts; they’ll leave you exhausted, but if you push through, you’ll be glad you did.”-Yagazie



“Being single means having mini revolutions in my bathroom.” -Yagazie



“How pick-up lines work on me by” -Yagazie


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