After 7 weeks of running 5-6 days a week I reached my new goal last Friday of 3 miles in 30 minutes, and I have to brush my shoulders off because I am not the biggest fan of running, in fact I use to hate running, I just didn’t really get it…running just to run… but I am beginning to really appreciate and understand the sport.


I remember exactly 7 weeks ago when I was running out of breath in just a quarter of mile (well that is putting it nicely, I was actually panting with enough sweat to create my own tsunami) and now I am running 3 miles with energy to spare, and all I can say is what got me to this point was dedication, consistently getting out there, pranayama breathing, diet, researching proper running techniques and believing in myself. Though let me tell you ladies, the latter was the biggest part of the puzzle.


Each time I surpassed my original goal I never went out starting my run thinking, “ok this is it, today is the day I go further” it was more like “OMG I SEE THE FINISH LINE, WOO HOO I AM DONE” but no seriously not exactly like that but somewhere in that realm… ok, ok who am I kidding, yeah it was exactly like that, lol. For someone like myself who is not a professional or serious runner, 1.5 miles is a journey, but sooner or later there is a voice asking you “If you build it he will come” oh no wait, I meant “can you go the extra mile, is today the day you prove your boundaries are in your head, pushing them to the breaking point?”.


Like a quiet storm, surpassing each goal I set for myself was spontaneous and never planned, I simply asked myself “Can I go further or Will I go further?” and anyone CAN do anything but it is the WILL that walks the walk while the CAN talks the talk… it was a WILL kinda of day.


By all means, I have to stress it was not any easy journey, and still is not easy to this day. I am still working on my form, “runners groove” and breathing techniques (of exhaling in inhaling through longer breaths which I do exclusively through my nasal called pranayama). I am excited to see and feel the changes to my body but it is still conditioning, which means I am not about to keel over and die after running 3 miles straight, but I am definitely looking forward to pushing past 3 miles with ease.


So for those of you who are with me in the beginning of their running journey, please do not give up or measure other people’s progresses to your own, after all the old saying goes, “It doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you do not stop”.


Below is a great how to on proper running form for those just embarking on their running journey:’


running form


Next goal: 4 miles


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