Lets ignore the fact that I look like a street walker in this pic, its a throw back and I had no say so with the makeup. Lets take a close look at my hair, it’s so fried and dyed which resulted in thinning my strands, major breakage, and taking away my natural curl pattern. I even tried to throw some activating curl gel on that bad boy, and my hair still wouldn’t curl back up for anything. My hair in its healthy state is a spiral/ringlet about the size of a pen, but in this pic it is struggling to have at least a wave, and don’t let the volume fool you, that’s a result of teasing it like crazy! I have gone thru many phases with my hair, putting chemicals on it and putting heat to it. These phases have totally damaged my hair in the past. I have definitely learned my lesson, so I no longer dye or bleach my hair, I also keep heat to a minimum of about once or twice a year, if that.

Is there anyone who has destroyed their hair by dying, bleaching, and/or heat? Did you learn your lesson?


Close up on the hair