Click ‘Read More + Comment’ to view official trailer. 2013 Sundance award winner for ‘Grand Jury Prize’ and ‘Audience Award’, Directed by Ryan Coogler, Produced by Forrest Whitaker and starring Michael B Jordan,  Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer & Kevin Durand, Fruitvale Station is an independent drama based on the true story of 22 year old father, Oscar Grant who was killed New Year’s Day in 2009 by Police Officer, Johannes Mehserle, while detained along with friends on the subway platform of the Fruitvale Transit Station in Oakland, California.


Officer Mehserle later claimed he meant to tase Grant rather than open fire on an unarmed man who was face down on the ground. In fact not only was Grant seen pleading with officers not to shoot, but commanding his friends to remain calm and stay cooperative before he was shot in the back (the bullet pierced through his back ricocheted off the ground then pierced his lung). The majority of the film takes place on the last day of Oscar Grant’s life…



Director Ryan Coogler & Actor Michael B Jordan discuss their memories of hearing about Grant’s death in 2009…




Coogler, an Oakland native, recalls hearing about the news of the incident from friends that night. “It was just horrifying,” Coogler has said of the shooting. “He looked like us; I mean that could’ve been any one of us there.” Star Michael B. Jordan, who plays Grant, has echoed similar sentiments: “It’s something that gets you upset. It could’ve been me. It could’ve been my brother. It could’ve been one of my friends.”


Judging from the trailer and the early reviews, that’s the message the movie aims to get across, to humanize the victim at the center of the story. “Sometimes when you’re a victim of a shooting, you know, with a police officer involved, the media and everybody wants to take your character and pull it in a million different directions,” Jordan has said of the man he plays. “They want to pull up every traffic ticket, every class you ditched in elementary school, you know… Then you have people that are on the complete opposite spectrum that want to paint you to be this perfect saint, and that wasn’t true either.”


To read the rest of this article including exactly what happened to Officer Johannes Mehserle and to view the actual footage of that night (which is extremely hard to watch) visit



oscar 1

Oscar Grant

Wanda Johnson

Wanda Johnson, Mother of Oscar Grant


Tatiana Grant

5 yr old Tatiana Grant, daughter of Oscar Grant holding a picture of her father when she was younger.


‘Fruitvale Station’ Opens Nationwide July 26th