Yes, I use to rock a leisure curl back in the day and had my fair share of some Scurl activator so I wanted to… no wait HAD to share a clip from a movie that will have you laughing so hard you might not be able to breathe. With that being said please take caution!!! This video clip is called “Gimme Me my Activator Man” from a Robert Townsend 80’s comedy called Hollywood Shuffle where Townsend’s film portrays parodies of racial stereotypes of African Americans in film and television. I found the “Gimme Me my Activator” clip on youtube but unfortunately the person who shared the video does not own the rights so I could not embed the code but if you click this link:  (from youtube user Core88) it will take you directly to the video. Just be prepared for uncontrollable, falling out of your seat, gut wrenching laughter.

After you watch come back (or if you have already seen) and let me know what you think :)