Confidence as a natural can have it’s up and down days therefore external confidence can sometimes depend on how your hair is responding that day. True confidence comes from within but then again we are human which means perfection is a word no one can claim.  A key factor in gaining confidence in anything is not caring what people will think! Depending on where you are in your life journey these words are easier said than done for example…

One fine summer day in which the forecast predicted zero chance of precipitation but of course as I am exiting the subway station I am greeted by a tsunami, needless to say I had no umbrella in sight! Wow, what perfect timing I thought because I just finished hours of detangling my hair the previous day and had it in a cute protective style that is suppose too last all week! Hmmm I could….

A) Wait in the subway station among the rats and pray to the Rain Gods that it would stop soon.

B) Walk in the rain as if giving off the notion I really don’t care and spend numerous hours waiting for my hair to dry and then additional hours to detangle (because for my hair a “loose” updo style in water means endless tangles galore) or…….

C) Whip out a plastic bag from the store I just went to, dump the items into my purse and tie the bag around my head and keep it moving.

Well the obvious answer for myself is C but truth be told it took years to truly learn not to give a damn and master it but like anything it is a constant work in progress.  People will always have something to say whether it be positive or negative but your life is your own. You are the master of your own happiness do not allow others to dim your light.  If your actions are not hurting anyone else ladies I say do you!

When was your hair moment or choice when you just didn’t give a damn?