Ever leave the house feeling real supa dupa fly about your hair only to get shot down in moments by snide remarks by others on your appearance? Well this is another one of the many interludes I have had with strangers over my hair. So let me welcome you to another UBB Funny Fridays where someone passed by and said “Wow her hair is real fu@kin ugly!”

Situation: It was a beautiful warm sunny day in Brooklyn about 6 years ago with zero percent precipitation and for me that is the equivalent of perfection. I was on my way home from the Brooklyn Museum of Art “First Saturdays” feeling pretty spectacular and just as I was entering the subway station two young women passed by me and said……

Stranger 1: Wow what the fu@k is up with her hair?

Me: Immediately started humming my favorite tune to calm myself down as I begin searching in my bag for my iPod to block out any more verbal attacks.

Stranger 2: Yeah what is up! Her hair is real fu@kin ugly.

Me: LADIES let me tell you I had an outer body experience and what I really wanted to do was this…

but what I actually did was ignored them and begin to hum more loudly, sounding real crazy in the process as I am still searching for my iPod.

Strangers 1 & 2: Gave me quizzical expressions and immediately stopped with the insults as they saw I was not game.

Me: As I have finally found my iPod and am proceeding to put on my earphones another stranger passes by immediately after the young women and saids…

New Stranger: You have the most amazing hair, it is so beautiful!

Me: Thank you so much :)

Long story short the reason why people say negative insults within clear earshot of you is to hopefully pull some type of reaction from you because this is their sick way of trying to bring you down to their level and in the process try to lift their insecure selves up. Now you don’t have to like everything when it comes to personal style or hair of others that is after all what makes us individuals but there is a difference from disliking something but appreciating the uniqueness of an individual and disliking something and attacking that person because of their uniqueness because you find it displeasing. I also understand no one on this planet is perfect and has some type of insecurity but insecurities can be negative if it is used to attack others because of the fear or desire they have within themselves.

The moral of this story is if I had focused my energy on the negativity of those two young girls by cursing them the hell out I would have missed the positivity that was not far behind.

“Anger is the most impotent of passions. It effects nothing it goes about, and hurts the one who is possessed by it more than the one against whom it is directed.” – Clarendon