Click Read More + Comment to view video and additional photos. Meet English Actress, Nathalie Emmanuel, the newest cast member of the long awaited season 3 of HBO’s Game of Thronesan intense, action-packed drama that follows various houses, as they fight for domination over the Seven Kingdoms. Casted as character Missandei, who was sold into slavery at an early age, Missandei works as a translator for one of the so-called Great Masters of Astapor, a major slave-trade hub far to the east of Westeros. As Daenerys attempts to secure an army to supplement her own meager forces, Missandei’s her go-between with the local bigwigs. Of course for some, this may sound like complete gibberish and may need a translation all of its own, but for many of those who have diligently waited a year for the highly anticipated third season, eagerly looking forward to the enticing character transformations that are about to unfold, then I need to say no more.


Nathalie Emmanuel


Nathalie Emmanuel 2



Based from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ a series of high fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, ‘Game of Thrones’ is the first novel in this series. The series, set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos at the end of a decade-long summer, interweaves several plot lines. The first follows the members of several noble houses in a civil war for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the rising threat of the impending winter and the mythical creatures of the North; the third chronicles the attempts of the exiled last scion of the realm’s deposed dynasty to reclaim the throne. Through its morally ambiguous characters, the series explores issues of social hierarchy, religion, civil war, sexuality, crime and punishment. ‘Game of Thrones’, season 3 airs tonight on HBO, 9 p.m. ET but for now meet Nathalie Emmanuel and the additional newest cast members of Game of Thrones.