Photographer: Frederike Helwig


“By challenging the idea of what it means to dress normal, we hope to inspire confidence in everyone’s own personal style.” - Stephen Sunnucks; Gap Global President

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My twin sister TK Wonder and I are excited to be featured in the 2014 GAP Holiday Campaign, “Dress Normal”; changing the ideals of normalcy style. What some consider odd others see as…normal. Lets change the definition of what it means to “dress normal”.

The concept of the campaign and set design was a “Royal Tenenbaums”-esque vibe. TK was the troublemaker while I played the more prim and proper role, watching over my little sister (yes, 15 minutes does qualify as older) in disapproval, as she has so much fun in such a “civilized” setting, lol.

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Blood Orange For GAP “It Is What It Is”


“Mistletoe” directed by Sofia Coppola


“Crooner” directed by Sofia Coppola