Photos: Tyrone Lebon


Part of GAP’s on-going campaign ‘Back to Blue’; bringing us back to the basics of what  is really important, I had the opportunity to share not only what is important to me but my personal journey in how I got back to the basics of my true self, which for my journey, hair was and is a big part of it.


For me, fighting against the natural state of my hair through, chemicals, heat and other styling techniques was just a physical sign of my own inner struggle of conformity. As I always say for some, hair is just hair but for many it is much more. For those who are still struggling with expressing themselves in a way that feels like home, realize the strength of not caring what others think or the power to realize your own excuses of being who you want to be, are just another formation of your own fears holding you back, because the journey is not an easy one.


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This struggle doesn’t happen overnight and that is more than ok, they don’t call it a journey for nothing and everyone has one. There is no shame in the struggle, in fact the struggle is what makes us and defines our successes, to keep going even when you cannot see the light. So for those who are still struggling whether it be hair, style, career or lifestyle changes, know there is always success if you try, try again.


Gap’s ‘Back To Blue’ Online video campaign directed by AllDayEveryDay’s Creative Director, Clayton Crocker.





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You can read my full journey here and also find me on Instagram @ciprianaquann