Via Petitelefant. Every holiday season I’m always trying to think of good gifts to give to family members and friends. So I am gonna share some ideas with you for great practical gifts that won’t empty your wallet. This is a sugar scrub that is simple to make and it makes for such a cute gift!


What you need:

Glass or plastic container

Brown sugar

White sugar

Olive oil

Vanilla (optional) or essential oil


Step 1.

Measure equal parts brown sugar and equal parts white sugar

Step 2.

Add both equal parts of sugar together in a bowl

Step 3.

Mix both sugars together really well

Step 4.

Add mixed sugar to your container, fill the container almost full

Step 5.

Add the olive oil, and let it bubble down to the bottom, then pour in a little more. Mix it around with a spoon. Keep adding more oil and sugar until your happy with the results.