Click Read More/Comment for an insane amount of additional Pictures. Well UBB took it there with Eyeglasses: How to Find Your Perfect Frame” (just click link to view post) now those same rules apply to how to find your perfect shade. Below is a eclectic array of inspiring images to aid you in finding your perfect shade. Enjoy :)

Note: After you have viewed “How to Find Your Perfect Frame” Take notice of the women’s faces below and try to get a sense of what your face shape is to get an idea of what frames will best suit the shape of your face. Remember like anything there are always the exceptions so if you think it looks good on you and nobody can tell you otherwise do your thang mama! Below I have included a face shape chart as well.

Face Shape Chart:

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Which shades caught your eye and why? Also feel free to send pictures to of you rockin your most flyest sunglasses. I will do a post later this week :)