Invited by Hair Rules we will attend Hair Rules presents: The third installment of Tangled Tale Series, “a live natural hair meetup exploring industry, culture and relationships women and men have with textured hair.” bringing to the forefront a conversation delving into the emotional attachments and misconceived perceptions of natural textured hair. The Tangled Tale Series offers a different dynamic to the natural hair meeting up through a discussion voicing not only the emotional attachments and perceptions of our hair through a sister’s point of view but our brothers as well including the preference of natural hair or not.

Created by textured guru and Founder of Hair Rules Salon and hair care products, Anthony Dickey, the Tangled Tales Series provides live open forums through assembled “panels of dynamic speakers” consisting of “women and men from fashion, media and music to discuss the emotional, physical and practical challenges facing those exercising freedom of hair will-professional and personal implications.”

Led by the beloved image consultant, Michaela Angela Davis a frequent contributing writer for media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, VH1, MTV, BET and MAD Free (live open forum discussions with high profile guests, founded and hosted by Davis). Amongst Davis will also be keynote panel speakers, including Anthony Dickey, Tia Williams, Founder of Shake Your Beauty Blog and the Fly Cut, Tiffani R More, founder of YouTube channel, A Bit More, Taren Guy, YouTube natural hair vlogger of Taren 916, and Norman McHugh aka DJ Stormin Norman of Sundae Sermon.

In addition to this riveting panel is guest speaker Charalamagne Tha God of the Breakfast Club – Power 105.1 NYC, who brings a point of view we all love to despise: a man that rebukes the conception or existence of natural hair. YES, rebukes the conception of natural hair…ladies I know what you are thinking “don’t get you started” but as ridiculous as this notion is it is still a notion never less and will be interesting to see how his views were formatted and stimulate the panel and audience.

The Tangled Tale Series promises to be a natural hair meetup of no ordinary proportions with a mix of men in the equation so please stay tuned for the behind the scenes update. Unfortunately we found out too late that the rsvp closed on the 7th but please stay tuned this week because will have a very exciting news that involves a VERY SPECIAL TREAT for our Urban Bush Babe readers.

What are your thoughts? Even though there will be men in attendance who love everything about natural hair would you care to hear the perspective of men in why they dismiss natural hair? Why or why not?