Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I see beauty in every form, texture, color and length of natural hair but it seems that SOME individuals do not want to claim 4b-c or feel ashamed in doing so. The 4 range is considered the tightest curl or s- shaped pattern now 4c strands aka “the kinkest” may have an s-shaped pattern but typically have no uniformed curl pattern therefore considered “bad hair” which has led to heated debates of Andrew Walker’s hair typing system as just another way to divide women of color. I myself feel the system can help a transitioning or newbie natural who has no idea what to do with their hair.

The hair typing system is not the all Holy Grail but can be a guideline which enables women to find her own unique regimen. I see it more as a stepping stone because really even if you do have the same hair type as another individual, differences can come in the form of porosity, density (in mass or individual strand width) length, maintenance, diet and lifestyle etc. Division of oneself can only come from within, never let someone bring you down to their level because if someone wants to label your beautiful crown as “bad” hair, this is an insecurity and hate they have within their selves. I definitely do not feel anger but sadness because the ignorance of others is just what some individuals view as what the “ideal or standard” of beauty should look like in this country because of the bombardment of mainstream advertisement, entertainment outlets and (or) upbringing. This train of input can cause deep insecurity issues within a young woman (which can seep through in other aspects of her life besides hair) if she is not taught that beauty comes in all forms. Some forms of mainstream media are beginning to change with the aid of natural hair site outlets that project beauty comes in all hair textures just not what is considered to be “ideal”.

The curlier the hair the more fragile especially types 4a,b,c because at each bending point along the strand is an potential point of breakage (especially if you have fine strands) but also because of the difficulty your sebum which is your natural oils has in disposing along your strands due to the curly road the oil has to travel. So when I see a natural 4a,b,c woman I see a solider of war because for every inch grown was a battle won! So feel proud ladies, claim up and stand tall for you are a solider of war!

 Ladies what are your feelings towards hair typing?