I had a conversation with a lovely natural the other day, and she asked me if I’ve heard of Hairdrenalin. My response, “no, what is that?!”. Has anyone heard of this Hairdrenalin Potion made by Valerie Stevenson? There are lots of videos and reviews floating around about this stuff. I checked out the website Hairdrenalin and the youtube, and I have to say it looks sketchy (side eye). I still believe that hair growth begins with the inside of the body (ie. genetics, the foods we eat, vitamin intake, stress levels, hormone changes, etc…), and the closest thing you can do to help it on the outside or topically is to keep a healthy scalp and healthy ends ( ie. removing product buildup, dry skin, scalp messages for better circulation, sealing, protective styles, etc…). But anywho…here is what Valerie says about her product:

After extensive research and development I have formulated a revolutionary combination of natural oils, leaves, herbs and vitamins that results in extraordinary hair growth. Gain up to 3+ inches of hair per month*. This patent pending formula is a ground breaking advance in hair loss and dormant follicle science. Slowly infused over five hours at a low heat, potion is a precise combination of Castor Oil, Black Tea, Cayenne Red Pepper, Biotin (vitamin H), Onion Oil, and Garlic Oil. The power of each ingredient is drawn out into the oil during the infusion process, resulting in a dark potent Castor Oil.


Have you heard of this Hairdrenalin Potion? Have you tried it? Would you try it? What are your thoughts?