Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. The featured picture above is of Nikisha and I years ago playing around and giving off our best gangsta pose for the lenses. As many of you may now well know, today is officially Nikisha’s Birthday. So I thought this would be the perfect chance to tell the story, of how I officially met this beautiful woman and how blessed I am not only to have her in my life through all of our tribulations but to call her one of my do or die best friends!  Without further ado the story of When Harry Met Sally, oops I mean When Cip Met Nik.

I don’t remember the exact date but I do recall it was a summer’s day 10 years ago when Nikisha and I met under some strange circumstances and those circumstances were through both of our ex’s. My boyfriend at the time had formed a pretty good friendship with Nikisha’s man through work which their friendship then blossomed into hardcore PlayStation buddies. Soon after, my ex invited his friend and his friend’s girlfriend, Nikisha over to our place so we could get acquainted with one another for the first time. When Nikisha walked in, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful and petite she was, her platinum blonde cornrows  and quiet disposition, though I would soon later find the “quiet disposition” was the only thing I was wrong about. As we begin talking, I realized her beauty was not only skin deep but how intelligent and charismatic this young woman was. The vibe I picked up from Nikisha was screaming with sincerity, and a trustworthiness that I rarely pick up from someone so fast, in other words if felt that we had been best friends in a previous life and since my trust takes a minute, this was speaking volumes. Soon after our initial meeting Nikisha invited me over to her place, and I met her adorable little son Jaden and instantly felt loved and at home.

Long story short, three years later we were the best of friends while the ex’s were long gone and out of the picture, which could easily be said the same regarding their friendship. I truly believe people are meant for a reason, a season or a lifetime and I knew then, I had met a lifetime friend. Not only had I met a friend who I could do all the other frivolous luxuries with but someone who shared so many common interests with myself, that delved way past shopping, someone who is in tuned with worldly and social issues and cares for others through action. A woman I could easily and confidentially confess my problems with (I know you know what I am talking about ladies, of those that would spill your most intimate confessions at the first ear that is available to listen) and vice a versa which created a space of more than friendship but family. I have some incredibly amazing friends to be thankful for but my mother and twin sister are the two consistent women in my life who I  feel blessed every day to be born with two best friends, two women who are beautiful from the inside and out, intelligent and positively motivating, women I can trust completely and after all these years I can now say today that Nikisha is a part a of that blessing.

Nikisha has always been supportive and positive in her advice, attitude and overall energy. Which I feel is an important quality to have in a friend. I am not saying you cannot have your down moments but through those moments there should never be a time when you want to personally hurt a good friend or behave negatively because of your own issues. That my dear ladies, is a clear example of a “friend” who is meant for a season! Life is stressful enough without having the ones who “love” you purposely adding on to that stress!

Even though it has been said many times before but Nikisha, you are a beautifully effervescent spirit, an amazing mother and intelligent woman, an energy that easily radiates for all to see which explains why so many people love you.  You deserve to reach all your desires, goals and much more in life. On this day I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to not only my best friend but my sister.

If you have a friend including family that means the world to you, do not hesitate to express your feelings any chance you can get!