Photo: Hannan Saleh  
Today to the date is the 3 year anniversary of Urban Bush Babes. Seems not so long ago on Sunday, April 1st 2011 Nikisha and I launched Urban Bush Babes and truthfully… we were nervous, excited and anxious to begin a space that means so much to us. 

Before we launched, I consulted with a few people who had their own amazing sites and told them the premises of ours, a place where we would not only highlight natural hair but create a platform that taught the health, science and the psychologically behind natural hair but then we also wanted to take it one step further and go beyond that premise…because we are more than just our hair. We wanted a multi-diverse site in the sense of what we wanted to share, meaning we felt propelled to discuss all topics such as food, health, music, film, books, art, photography, culture, fashion, and social issues; whether it be from our personal lives or currently transpiring at the moment, a sort of melting pot, conscientious-publication…and if you could have seen the responses of some of the people I consulted with, it was more like a deer caught in headlights. They immediately said they loved the idea of the site but the focus was too broad, too all over the place, we needed to have a “central focal point” or find our “niche” whether it be hair, health or arts & culture, etc; that the most successful blogs did just that, and we would lose our core readership if our audience did not know what to expect from us. Of course I listened to what they had to say respectfully but we believed that they just couldn’t see the uniting factor; other individuals like our selves…you!

We trusted in creating a platform like Urban Bush Babes would show others that coloring outside the lines or stepping beyond the labels should not be seen as strange or unusual but a cultural norm. We trusted in opening a dialogue in a authentic, supportive and positive way, would showcase an uplifting genre of discussion; merging intelligence and respect, even from opposing opinions. We trusted in sharing the dedication, motivation and work of inspiring individuals would reveal a lifestyle far different from mainstream media but most all we trusted in faith. 
Though we believed in our mission, faith only came to fruition through staying true to who we are, passion and hard work (let me just say each week, till this day, there are more than a few sleepless nights, but 3 years later here we are and I wouldn’t have it any other way). 
The point of all of this is just to say none of this would have been possible without all of your love and support, this is one of the reasons why we feel so passionately in having an active exchange in all of our social media platforms, just one of the ways we can show our appreciation. So to all of you THANK YOU and I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite inspiring quotes for those pursuing a passion or in search of one, because to have others believe in you, YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. 


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