Beyonce’s two main back up dancers, who have traveled and danced alongside her through the success of “Single Ladies,” rock their huge Afros freely. Their kinks and coils can be seen flying everywhere throughout her many concerts and performances. I felt so compelled to do a post about this because Beyonce sometimes gets a bad rep for her long, blond, straight hair as if she has something against natural hair. Clearly, that is NOT the case because if it were, I don’t think she would allow two obviously natural women to accompany her night after night, performance after performance on stage. Beyonce herself has worn lots of Afro styles particularly during her role in the Austin Powers film Goldmember. Her most recent video Run the World (Girls) also features a lot of women with  natural hair. Hair styling choices should be left up to the individual. We can be comfortable in our own choices without diminishing those of others. More pictures and video of Beyonces back up dancers  Ebony Williams and Ashley Everett are below. Enjoy:)


Carolynn Washington

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