Courtesy of HBO I was sent a few new ‘Girls‘ episodes to preview before they aired in the following weeks, and lets just say you are in for a major turning point tonight. Last week for the first time we had a more intimate look inside Hannah’s family that extended past the usual Mother and Father relationship. The plot of the episode centers around Hannah’s dying grandmother, introducing new characters as Hannah’s family faces this tragedy.  
Though we soon see that Hannah’s family may be facing this ordeal as one, this does not necessarily mean a united front. The episode is speckled with disagreements between Hannah’s Mother and her sisters; aunt Margo (Deirdre Lovejoy) and aunt Sissy (Amy Morton) whose sisterly relationship teeters at the brim of volatile, showing a side of Hannah’s childhood environment that could have partially contributed to her OCD.  We also meet Hannah’s very distant cousin, Rebecca (Danielle Steele)and when I say distant, I mean emotionally detached, the friction she creates towards Hannah makes you feel more comfortable sitting in a bathtub full of leeches. Though their connection is briefly strengthened through a small car accident in which one of the funniest moments I have ever seen, when Adam is alerted of the incident; endearing and hilarious at the same time, you truly get the sense of how much Adam cares for Hannah in the sequence of moments that follow.
Despite the lack of real family camaraderie, all that changes when Hannah’s grandmother, ‘Flo’ hits the screen, played by Oscar-nominated actress June Squibb. Not that you should expect the usual grandmotherly advice from ’Flo’, who offers her own…unique insight on marital “bliss” such as: “Here’s what I have to say about being married…someday, you will look at him, hating him with every fiber of your being, wishing that he would die the most violent death possible. It will pass.”, you can get an exact sense of where the family’s inharmonious rapport stems from.  
The episode ends with Hannah back in the city with the comfort of knowing her grandmother’s hospital stay was a false alarm until Rebbeca calls, commanding her to return because Flo just passed away. This leads us directly into tonight’s episode of Hannah dealing with all of these emotions in a very…Hannah and not so Hannah way. Back with the regular cast of characters, all I can say is there are some drop dead on the floor laugh your a@s off moments, mixed with a very unexpected and major turning point in Hannah and Adam’s relationship that you will just have to watch to find out! If you are a ‘Girls’ fan then this is an absolute must see episode…must see!



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With only 3 episodes left, ‘Girls‘ airs tonight on HBO, 10PM EST