Cordially invited by HBO I had the chance to attended the networks premiere of ‘Girls‘ season 3 on Monday, January 6th. I caught up with one of the Executive Producers, Jenni Konner of the 2014 Golden Globe nominated, ‘Girls’, and leading lady, Danielle Brooks, aka ‘Taystee’ of Netflix Original Series ‘Orange Is The New Black,’ who is also guest starring in the first episode of ‘Girls’ airing tonight. 
Jenni Konner and Danielle Brookes are genuine sweethearts sans all the “Hollywood” attitude. Konner shared an intimate side of the stress involved with being a successful Executive Producer, while Brookes whose energy is infectious, described her ‘Girls’ character, ‘Laura’ as “Introverted and very shy. I think she’s really trying to figure out her innocence and she’s trying to figure out her sexuality”. Below is my exclusive interview from the red carpet that involves of course natural hair, a bit of ‘Scandal’ and  addressing the past backlash of previous seasons of ‘Girls’ 


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Danielle Brookes



UBB: How do you manage your hair with such a hectic schedule in the industry?


Danielle Brooks: (widens eyes) It is challenging especially since going from “Tasty” whose hair is like, very in prison, (laughs) her hair is not tamed. It can be very challenging from going to glamour girl to inmate, but it is fun too because I get to find styles that are different, like my havana twists that I am wearing today, that are very easy to put in and very easy to take out, so its cool.


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UBB: I am sure you are aware of the backlash ‘Girls’ has had from past seasons of not representing many actors of color since a majority of the plot is based in Brooklyn but yet there are many women of color including myself who do watch and enjoy the show. As your character ‘Laura’ on ‘Girls’ how do you feel as representation of the first woman of color on season 3?


Danielle Brooks: I have to say I am very excited to play this part because I have watched ‘Girls’, the first and second season and I was that girl. So now to be on the show. I am now that face in a way, but I also feel Lena (Writer/Director/Actress of ‘Girls’) chooses people on their individualities so in her respect I have to say there have been people of color on the show.



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Jenni Konner




UBB: Fun Question. If you could get away with anything, do anything, what would be your ultimate Girls night out?


Jenni Konner: Girls night out, would literally be me, Lena (Writer/Director/Actress of ‘Girls’) and my 10 year old daughter watching ‘Scandal’, I’m not kidding like that is what I would want to get away with, that is my dream, more than going anywhere, that really is all I want to do… and drink some red wine.


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UBB: With such a hectic schedule when are you able to rest?


Jenni Konner: I have two kids, we live in Los Angeles most of the time so part of our prep, I’m going back and forth every weekend and they come for the summer. I don’t sleep, I get sick 100 times but you know, classic problems, how can I complain, I am so lucky.


UBB: You are living your dream


Jenni Konner: (huge smile), YES, exactly!




Courtesy of HBO I was also sent the first 6 episodes of ‘Girls’ season 3 and was really pleased to see so many beautiful, natural actresses in upcoming episodes…YES!!! The new back to back episodes of ‘Girls‘ season 3 premieres tonight on HBO, at 10PM EST.


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