Meet Jenne’ Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul; a lifestyle blog on all of your vegan needs. A certified holistic health counselor and a personal vegan chef in NY, Claiborne provides a one stop platform, creating recipes and educational videos on her passion of healthy vegan eating.

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Not only get to know Claiborne as she shares how her love of cooking began and why she became vegan but watch her informative videos on how to save money as a vegan, healthy eating at restaurants, vegan protein and nutritional yeast 101, how to improve digestion, how to get healthy, glowing skin, vegan recipes and much much more.


Sweet Potato Soul



I was born and raised in Atlanta,GA. Since I came into this world I have loved food! My Nana, a true food lover and fabulous cook, would let me play in the kitchen for hours whipping up concoctions with whatever spices, flours, oils, and liquids I could get my hands on. Nothing was ever edible, but it was a fantastic creative outlet for an only child. I’d even make mud pies in the yard with my friends and “cook” them in Nana’s mailbox. Those were the days!




Fast forward two decades I’m still playing with food, and letting my imagine run wild. Thankfully I’ve figured out how to make food not only edible, but delicious. Nana and my dad helped me to figure that out.



 Gluten Free Blueberry Ginger Muffins

I am now a vegan personal chef in NYC. I also create recipes, videos, and share my passion for healthy vegan eating on this blog. Two of my proudest accomplishments have been the creation of my online program called the 21-Day Vegan Blueprint, and my cookbook 5 Ingredient Vegan.  



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In between my years making mud pies with Georgia red clay and being a pro chef, I…

  • Graduated from Boston University in 2009 with a BFA in Acting (still comes in handy)
  • Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012 as a certified holistic health counselor
  • Have traveled to many amazing places, favorites being Thailand, Bali, Rome, and Costa Rica (I even studied there in high school!)
  • Played Disney’s Princess Tiana in a live show in NYC
  • Became a vegan!




Walnut Goji Berry Truffles

These days you can find me… 

  • Cooking for a handful of wonderful New Yorkers
  • Teaching classes regularly at the Whole Foods Bowery Culinary Center
  •  Creating new online programs & books
  •  In my kitchen filming cooking videos, creating recipes, and making sweet treats :)




Dandelion Pepita + Basil Walnut Pestos

Since I’ve become vegan these things have happened… (I have zero negative side effects to report.)

  • I discovered a new, exciting, and lucrative career path as a vegan chef and health coach.
  • I’ve become friends with the most compassionate and sweet people.
  • My terrible digestion became great!
  • My skin cleared up, and is now glowing.
  • The clinical depression I was diagnosed with has dissipated without drugs.
  • My hormones and menstrual cycle found balance.
  • My fatigue disappeared.

A decade ago I was a junk-food eating teenager, who wouldn’t dare eat a salad or drink a green juice. I popped Pop Tarts like they were cheerios, and I could inhale a 6-pack of Coke Zero in a day. Now I hate to go just a day without greens, and healthy food is my life. 





I created Sweet Potato Soul to share my passion for health and good food. I hope it inspires you to embrace a plant-based lifestyle :) 

No-Bake Sweet Potato Bars with Raw Gingerbread Crust


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