Meet Hejira; a band arising from London, the quartet of Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne on the bass, Sam Beste and Alex Reeve on guitar with Alexis Nunez on drums produce a experimental sound that is hard to describe, but once you listen you will instantly know their sound cannot be contained in a box. Directed by Faith Millin, via, Hejira shares a visual interpretation to their track, ‘Litmus Test’.


Photos: Alice Ranis, Andrew Hiles & Vero Stamp

Hejira: Litmus Test

An Experimental Live Performance in the House of Dreams from Matthew Herbert’s New Charges


A meticulously shot sweep through a Victorian terraced house from garden to rooftop provides the beguiling video to Hejira’s “Litmus Test,” shot by director Faith Millin. Bassist Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne and guitarist Sam Beste duet in the bedroom and Alex Reeve plays lead guitar on the landing, while the living room hosts drummer Alexis Nunez, and a small choir harmonize in the attic of the London property known as to as the ‘House of Dreams.’ This musical Tower Of Babel is home to the entire quartet, whose backgrounds stretch from Chile, Hungary, Germany, and Ethiopia. Debut album Prayer Before Birth will be be released October 21 via Accidental, the label run by maverick British sound artist and Björk collaborator Matthew Herbert. “They strive to create music that’s both cerebral and emotional,” says Herbert of the foursome that he produced. “It’s been great to hear it evolve into something so confident and symphonic.”


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Hejira Litmus Test

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