Hello ladies :) I wanted to share with you how taking care of my hair made a difference in the over all health of it. As you see in the above pictures my hair looks quite different.The before pic shows when my hair was dry, damaged, and breaking off. The after pic shows my hair fuller, longer, and shinier. I never grew up knowing how to take care of my hair, and in my bio I touch on how my mom did the best she could. I didn’t start taking care of my hair until over a year ago. Now previous to that when I was in grad school I had an old friend who did a big chop and went on this total natural hair journey. During her journey she told me about all the things she was trying and using, making suggestions to me along the way. It sounded very overwhelming and I absolutely had no time to do my own research and give my hair the TLC it needed. So after grad school I delved into the world of natural hair, looking at blogs and researching all I could. I loved finding out about all the oils and tings, and looking at hair journeys from so many different women. Thus began my own journey. I swear by deep conditioning/hot oil treatments, moisturizing my hair after a wash with a good cream and sealing my ends with oils or a butter. These simple steps have allowed me to see less shedding, less breakage, and healthier hair.


When did you learn to start taking care of your hair? Has it made a difference in its over all health?