Click Read More/Comment for more pictures. Kay Bahama of (Click link inside post to view) and guest author of “What You Know About Hair Struggles”  on Urban Bush Babe wanted to share her results of choosing new frames after reading “Eyeglasses: How to find your perfect frame” . I must say Kay’s new frames really showcase her beautiful features and skin tone while her old pair still could not wash away the beauty but did nothing projection wise for her features or illumination of her skin. Here is what Kay had to say about her change of frames.

New Specs by Kay Bahama

I had this ill (and I literally mean ill) pair of glasses for sooooo long – I was more than ready to get rid of them.
Every time I would take a trip to the optometrist to look for a new pair of frames two things would happen.
First, 90% of the glasses would be too big for my narrow face.
Second, when I did find a pair I thought I liked, the lady who works there would always give me this
disapproving look!
But HALLELUJAH after reading up on one of my fave blogs ( how to choose some frames, I grew a pair and chose a pair! Check the before and after pics.




Kay wanted to share her experience and results as a thank you but I would just like to say thank you! The change is amazing and nothing pleases me more than positive results. You Go Girl (in my best Martin voice) What do you think of Kay’s new frames?