Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. I have some very exciting news to share with all of you. Last summer I worked with an amazing director, cast and crew as head Costume Designer on an Independent feature film titled ‘Privacy’, about:


“a tech savvy college student named Mark who creates a cutting edge spyware app that allows him to remotely view any cell phone in New York City. He begins to invade the ‘privacy’ of hundreds of New Yorkers remotely via the ‘Privacy App’ he has just developed, but then spots a beautiful and mysterious girl, named Alexis, whom he begins to spy on. She appears to be looking for someone, while at the same time being sought after by a shadowy figure. Mark is drawn into her world and has his best friend Toby contact her when she is in need of an apartment. Alexis moves into Mark’s building where Mark and she meet and fall in love. But their romance quickly disintegrates when Alexis’ dark past catches up with her, entangling Mark in a web of murder, political intrigue and privacy invasion.”


Last week I found out ‘Privacy’ was accepted in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in France. This invitation only festival is the most prestigious and recognized film festival in the world which previews films, including documentaries of every genre.


The reason why this project is so special, is not only because it is my first feature film but because I worked so damn hard on it. The film shot in various locations around New York City over a span of 2 months, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Yes 12 hours a day. Which means after I came off set I would go home to work on Urban Bush Babes, this translated to many sleepless nights but I was dedicated to both commitments that I loved so much and neglect was not an option. Of course it was a little difficult for my boyfriend to understand in the beginning just because he saw I wasn’t getting any sleep but I knew the difficulty was coming from a place of caring for my well –being and like Nas said “you can sleep when you’re dead” but then again I knew we were shooting for 8 weeks, if this was a 3-6 month shoot more sleep would be necessary or I literally would be dead. In addition to sleepless nights the temperature last summer was enough to make sleeping impossible. With scorching temps compared to the mild weather we have been having this year, this made shooting that much more difficult. There was a two week period when we were shooting the main character, Mark, in which many of his scenes took place in an apartment setting and man let me tell you this part of the shoot was no joke! Due to sound from outside elements all the windows had to be closed and since the apartment we were using had no central a/c we had to turn off all window a/c’s because of sound as well, this meant temperatures sky rocked to 113 degrees. Yes 113 degrees and the cast and crew were not the only ones feeling the heat, using the latest cameras and gear we experienced technical difficulties often from the over- heated equipment, but due to the dedicated crew and cast everyone persevered. Including my sister, TK Wonder and Nikisha’s fiance’, Carl provided soundtracks that made the score.


In hindsight, all of the previous mentioned is a grain of sand compared to the immense joy I felt, not only to be working with so many incredible and talented people but to work on something you love is not really work at all but a destiny fulfilled. Though it seems my destiny had one more surprise in store…The 2012 Cannes Film Festival.


Of course I could play it off and nonchalantly suppress my extreme excitement but you know that is not my style so when I found out the film I was a part of was accepted in the Cannes Film Festival, excitement is a drab comparison to the emotion I felt. Then on the flipside of this blessing I will not be able to physically view the film at the festival due to invitation only but since my work will be represented I feel I will be there in spirit.


To view a sneak preview of the feature film ‘Privacy’ click here –> Privacy Feature Film Trailer





Behind the Scenes of Privacy

From left to right Brenton Duplessie as Scott, Gina Busch as Alexis, John Shepherd as Mark and Clayton Stocker Myers as Toby

Director Jorg Ihle

Producer Anre Garrett with Director Jorg Ihle

Had to constantly squeeze past tight spaces, lol

In a shirt I designed. The quote was silk screened and the suede apple grenade patches were hand sewn.

Yeah it was that hot!

The Preview Screening at the Tribeca Cinemas in NY

Click here to see the sneak preview –> Privacy Feature Film Trailer