Click on read more + comment to see more pictures. I turned 30 years old yesterday. Yes, I am 30 years old now! Gosh…it’s so weird to hear myself say! I feel beyond blessed to have reached this milestone having gained an incredible husband and raised an amazing son. Here are some bits and pieces from my birthday weekend in my pictures below.


My good morning. Drinking yummy Trader Joe's Chai Tea and in my grey snuggly socks


The yummiest pumpkin bread that Carl bought me for breakfast. It was so moist!


Reading Proverbs from the Bible in one of my favorite spots, our little sheepy rug ;).


Carl got me this big azz pin to wear all day…lol. I felt like a kid again :).


My birthday flowers that Jaden help pick out for me :), in one of my favorite colors burgundy wine.


My hubby knows me well. My new favorite sweater he bought for me from Madewell.


Living green. Heading to church with my family in my new 2012 Toyota Prius. I can’t believe this city girl is driving! I still miss the convenience of the NYC subway though.


Lunch. Salad. Pumpkin squash rosemary soup. Saratoga Spring water. Nom, nom, nom…..


I was acting like I was drunk coming home from church. I’m a mess…lol. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! :)


Went for a walk by my house. The colors were amazing! And the weather was beautiful!


I had a mom moment and bugged Jaden to take a picture on our walk :).


I arrived home. I don’t know how Carl got these balloons and hid them in the house. Jaden thinks he hid them in his car ;).


Carl also snuck this 14″ fruit tart in the house and surprised me with it. You guys don’t understand how much I love fruit tarts!!!


Hanging in our backyard swinging on my swing. Sooo relaxing!


Carl come back out here so I can get more birthday kisses!


The party had died down. It was time to watch the movie Paranormal Activity!


YAAAYYYY, to 30!!!!! I WELCOME YOU!!!! :)