I got engaged on Saturday night (Feb. 18th) you guys!!!! It was at this romantic French bistro where we had our own private booth with windows, and red curtains closing us off in our own world. Carl reserved the chef’s table, which meant the chef chose a 5 course meal for us and we were served all night. This was suppose to be our make up Valentine’s dinner because Carl lives in DC and we weren’t able to see each other on Valentine’s day. He and I had been planning on getting married since last summer, so I had no idea when I was getting the ring. Before we headed into the restaurant Carl handed me a beautifully wrapped and rather large box, this was my Valentine’s gift he was holding for me. I carried it into the place already taking a guess what it was. I had been talking about buying an external hard drive for a month and the size and weight of the box seemed to fit the bill! After our 4th course I opened up the gift, and it was a hard drive! (Rolling eyes…) I was disappointed…lol, but hid it the best I could because I wanted to be appreciative of the gift. I put the hard drive down and proceeded to eat. Carl then told me he had his job put something special on the hard drive, and that I could plug it up to my phone and check it out. Man…I reached into that hard drive box so fast Carl didn’t even see that I pulled out the smaller box that was inside. I asked him what it was. He took it from me, opened up the box and this light beamed out of it, I’m talking an actual light bulb light, I thought I was loosing my mind! I’m thinking why is this box have a bright light coming out of it, then I looked at the bottle of empty wine…lol! Then he asked me to marry him, I started crying and said, “YES, OF COURSE!!!”.

I’m so thankful to God for all the blessings!!!