Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. On Thursday Dec 1st we were invited to the House of Mikko Presents ‘I Love Your Hair’ App Launch Party held at the famous Hair Rules Salon in New York.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the House of Mikko; the site describes their function as “a beauty social shopping site that recommends beauty products based on reviews from liked type women based on physical features, goals and product preferences” The full house felt more like a social gathering among amazing friends as we sipped on DELICIOUS ‘Qream’ cocktails created by the one and only Pharrell Williams in flavors of strawberry and peach which can also be baked into pastries and speaking of pastries, ‘Baked by Melissa’s’ miniature cupcakes were in the house and let’s just say we were all doing drive-bys past the cupcake trays. Of course the drinks and cupcakes were a splendid addition to the night but what everyone was there to see was the amazing celebrity hair stylist Dickey, work his magic in a live hair demonstration on a beautiful natural. Dickey’s roster includes some of the biggest names in the business from Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, Sarah Jessica Parker, Estelle and Kelis just to name a few. Dickey is not only an incredible stylist but wears many hats as owner of Hair Rules Salon and creator of Hair Rules products which Nikisha absolutely swears by.  I really feel the best part of the night was not only meeting the incredible Dickey but the many amazing and beautiful women who were in attendance such as Honey B Creations So till our next event, as always UBB wants to include our UBB family in the behind the scenes look of the ‘I Love Your Hair’ App Launch Party.


Nikisha and I with the always hilarious, knowledgeable and beautiful natural hair gurus Fran of Hey Fran Hey on the left and Franchesca of Chescalocs on the right who were among the natural hair bloggers and vloggers selected for Essence ‘Natural Hair Bloggers Holiday Gift Ideas Guide’.

My sister lyricist/songwriter/singer TK Wonder

My hair is starting to resemble the size of a basketball. I am hoping to grow to the size of a hot air ballon.

Baked By Melissa

Qream Cocktails

TK Wonder

Fran of Hey Fran Hey

Franchesca of Chescalocs

Of course you know the Lovely Nikisha

Natasha Betty of ‘Asili Glam’

Mikko founder of the ‘House of Mikko’ with Mandy Bennett of ‘Welcome to My World’ Photo via ‘Welcome to My World’

Here with the legendary Dickey, owner of the Hair rules Salon and creator of Hair Rules Products


Dickey working his magic on this already beautiful head of natural hair

Natasha Gaspard from ‘My Mane Moves’ in a two strand twists

‘Anyke Brown’ of

Noel; celebrity Hairstylist and Owner of ‘Noel New York’ Salon

Taliah Ferguson of ‘Fashion Was Here’

Till next time much Love :)