Long hair can be really overrated and I have even fallen prey to holding onto unhealthy hair just to have the length. My hair would be all scraggly and thin on the ends and I just refused to cut it. I would apply serums, oils, gels, heck…I would even talk to my hair just to bring some life to it! Eventually I got to the point where I preferred health over length and I just got over my insecurities. Here is a little timeline showcasing how the health of my hair has changed over the years. In the pictures you can see my curl pattern has changed a bit. The looser curls were the unhealthy curls damaged from hair dyes, bleach, and heat. As time went on I learned how to take care of my hair and my curls became healthier, tighter, and fuller. The first picture is when I was about 19 yrs old and my son Jaden was about 3yrs old. At that time I had to cut off a lot of my hair from bleach and heat damage. The second picture was about 3 years ago when I began to research how to take care of my hair. I stopped using the blow drier, started using all natural products, and began to incorporate healthier eating habits.  The third picture was this year and I have to say that eating healthy, juicing, consistent exercise, and maintaining healthy hair practices (all natural hair products and occasional protective styles) have given me the best results. I will be posting my more up to date hair regimen soon!

Now I say, “whateva” to wanting booty length hair, I just work on maintaining a healthy me with healthy hair and eventually it will grow to whatever length it feels like growing to. :)