Click on read more and comment to see his artwork, more pics, and his bio. Long time friend and one of my besties Ibrahim Baaith; is not only a well known model and actor, but an incredibly gifted painter. I am happy to share his gifts with you. He has been a great friend and inspiration to me throughout the years. Ibrahim embodies what Urban Bush Babes is about.

Ibrahim’s Bio:

A familiar face to many on the runway, Ibrahim has made quite an impression throughout his modeling career, appearing in TV commercials, campaigns and music videos. Most recently, the Philadelphian native co-starred in the new reality series Model City, which aired on both BET and Centric. It’s on the show where Ibrahim is able to reach a wider audience and integrate his world of fashion with his longtime passion for the arts. The streets of NYC have been aware of Ibrahim’s artistic abilities for years, and he can often be seen as a featured live artist at various events throughout the city such as the Brooklyn Art and AfroPunk festivals. And one of his newest ventures in connecting with the community comes in the form of Artist Republic, a non-profit organization that he co-founded as a means of finding inspiration within all art forms for children.

To see more of his amazing artwork and learn more about him, head on over to his website:

This ODB mural painted by Ibrahim Baaith located in BROOKLYN!