Photo by AP. First let me say I love my hair and this is not at all a complaint but maybe more of a request to any sort of hair genie I could magically wish into existence, lol but…if there is one thing I would change about my hair it would be SHRINKAGE!!! Now I know someone might be thinking is she losing her got damn mind her hair still looks big but ladies my hair experiences some major shrinkage like its getting paid working an overtime job! Now I don’t hate shrinkage because I think that is the beauty of our hair in that we can go from short to long all without cutting our hair and I find all lengths undeniably BEAUTIFUL but I do utterly, absolutely love huge can’t walk through the door just got slapped in the face hair ! To give you an idea of what I am really talking about when I say I experience some real shrinkage let me state some numbers.

The Numbers

My hair is about 21-22inches long in length (this number is taken from when I pull my hair to stretch for measurement).

When my hair is stretched while dry through braiding or bantu-knots my hair is about 15-16 inches in length

Now when my hair is completely saturated with water and air dried my hair reaches about 8 inches in length.

To give you a visual my hair in the featured picture above was stretched while dry about a week ago and is experiencing 50% shrinkage. To be honest the only reason why I would even state no shrinkage as my ultimate hair wish is volume. If I didn’t experience so much shrinkage my hairstyle in the above picture would be twice as big but fall is almost upon us so I don’t have too much longer until I will have un-earthly shattering humongous hairstyles to share with all of you since the summer heat seems to be in bed with my shrinkage and only aids in shrinkage’s antics. Lawd have mercy, I hope this doesn’t sound like a complaint because it really is just a preference of wanting even bigger hair because I really appreciate, wait let me rewind I REALLY APPRECIATE and love the hair I have but with that being said like so many others through appreciation I have hair goals at the same time so as the years go by I will continue to wait patiently until my hair grows and truly touches the sky :)

Hey some of you may not want to change a damn thing about your hair but for others if there was one thing you could change about your hair what would it be?