Ok, so laughing to myself right now because I’m a nutt…lol, but have you ever thought what if you were on that show “Survivor”. You know the reality show where they put random people on an island for weeks without the supplies they are use to having everyday. I have had this thought run across my mind a few times, like if I was on that show I would look a hot mess! On some cave woman time! I mean it doesn’t matter if your alone on the island or maybe your homie (friend) is with you. But what if the person of your dreams was trapped with you?! I know I’m being superficial right now, but dang it there are just some things I need to do with a shaver/razor, a tweezer, my hair, my hair, my hair! Join me in this imaginary world.

If you were trapped on an island with the person of your dreams what 3 hair supplies would you take?