Via: Société Perrier

Amsterdam DJ/producer collective Illuminati AMS is easy on the ears and the eyes. Made up of DJ Jaziah, Naleye Junior, Nianga Niang and Demikey, Illuminati AMS creates electronic music that transcends genres and styles. Their DJ sets are “open format” and any given night you can expect to hear anything from house to techno to Dirty South played at one of their parties.

Based in a city known for its eclectic mix of people and open mindset, Illuminati AMS apply that same attitude to their exclusive Société Perrier DJ Mix. And don’t think that seeing them is just the traditional constellation of turntables and getting the crowd to move — rather the group turns “every situation into a mystical experience.”

Check out their mix featuring Azari & III, Todd Terje and Maya Jane Coles here –> Société Perrier DJ Mix: Illuminati AMS

*Definitely listen to this mix, so much soul!!! It instantly transcended me to a warm summer night, just dancing till sunrise with not a care in the world or just lounging in my crib, the music blasting and a couple glasses of wine! <3