I literally just popped my cherry about 4 months ago in transitioning to mostly all natural oils for my hair. The “Before” pictures represents the amount of shedding within 2 weeks I would lose after my detangling sessions before I transitioned to mostly all natural oils and the “After” picture is also the amount of hair shed within two weeks but 4 months later after my transition to mostly all natural oils. The results as you can see, is about 50% less shedding. The reason why I was losing twice as much shedding  before is because products that are not all natural have more of a tendency to have ingredients such as mineral oil. Mineral oil is very inexpensive and non-spoiling which is why so many manufacturers use this ingredient. Mineral oil is the result of the distillation of petroleum this acts as saran wrap against your scalp which slows down one of the skin’s main job which is to eliminate toxins.  Natural oils are easily absorbed where mineral oils are not easily absorbed and clog the pores which in return can stop hair follicle growth and slow down the growth process of your strands.

Have you noticed a change with your hair since you have transitioned to all natural products?