Hey everyone! I know I’ve been M.I.A from blogging and one of the reasons is my husband Carl and I became home owners as of April 1st! It’s a two floor Cottage right here in Austin!


For those of you that have been apart of my journey here on UBB, you know that we took a trip to Austin, Texas last summer and fell in love with it. Four months later we moved to Austin, then another four months later we bought a house! God has been so faithful to us it’s incredible! The whole home search was a real learning process for Carl and I. Since Austin’s economy is so good and it’s the fastest growing city in the U.S., it also means it’s the fastest growing housing market and that means fast growing home prices and bidding wars. We also learned that we wouldn’t find everything we wanted in one house because either the previous owners of older homes or the designer/architects of the new builds all had different taste than what my hubby and I were particularly looking for. But we learned fast that we would have to create the home we loved, we just needed the bones and lots of vision! So we listed our top priorities (Bungalow or Cottage style with over 2,000 square feet, high ceilings, open concept kitchen into living room, 3 bedrooms, a room for a music studio, lots of big windows and lots of light, a bathroom with a window, walk-in closet, 2 car garage, and a big backyard). Now we are in the midst of major home renovations, from ripping out the whole kitchen to ripping up floors, and knocking down walls. Don’t let HGTV fool you into thinking it’s fast, easy, and affordable because that is far from the truth! Carl and I have taken on some of the demo work to help with costs. Everything has been so time consuming, from working with designers for the kitchen (our designer worked on the HGTV show Property Brothers…how cool is that!), meeting up with a ton of contractors for each major job to get quotes and make sure they’re doing their job right, to researching kitchen appliances, light fixtures, flooring, paint, wood, tile, sinks, toilets, vanities, knobs, trim…you name it! We are even going to do some DIY work, like the trim and baseboards which will save us a ton of money! We are exhausted many days  but we are so grateful for the blessing of owning our own home.


I admit at times my faith was tested ( I was stressing out and feeling frazzled) and I couldn’t see how we could get a home in such a pricey and competitive housing market, and that was in Jaden’s same school district with the space and layout we loved. Every home here in Austin, even if it looked like it was out of a 70′s horror flick was in a bidding war and out of our budget if we wanted to renovate it. But Carl continued to pray with me and reminded me that God brought us out to Austin for a reason and that He wasn’t gonna leave us stranded no matter how it looked to us. I was so encouraged and just gave everything to God. The first day our home went on the market three people bid on it at a higher price than the listed price, and with God’s favor we outbid everyone. And to add to the wonderful blessings, I even have a front porch and two trees in my backyard that have hooks already placed for the hammock I’ve always wanted. There are even things like rosemary planted in the garden in the backyard, and I’ve always wanted to grow my own fruits, veggies, and herbs.

For now we are back and forth between our rental and the house until our move at the end of May. But I am looking forward to blogging more frequently (before and after pictures of the renovations, DIY projects, gardening, recipes from my new kitchen, etc…) and excited to share my new friends (they are beautiful people!) and journey here in Austin!

Faith is about believing in what is unseen. For when we step out on faith and seek His Kingdom first God shows up and shows out!